October 28, 2022


Inn from the Cold will move to Neoma building in downtown Calgary soon. 

It has a capacity of housig 20 homeless families in this new building. 

Each guest family will have a separate room with 4 bunk beds instead of

a cubical where they don't have any privacy..


Yoko donated 17 of her paintings to the new building so far. She has been very busy painting these days.

She is planning to donate a total of 21 so each guest room will have her art work, and one large painting for a larger room.  

Some of the donated paintings are now uploaded under "Art Work,/Mandalas and other paintings" in Yoko's Website.


September 30, 2022:

A full story of "A Woman's Tale" is currrently being uploaded under "Writing".

There will be a total of 12 chapters (Japanese and English).


May 2022

All songs in Yoko’s 2 CD Albums

“A Woman’s Tale” and “Fly Away”

are now available for listening
free of charge.